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once I had a dream where 11eagle, my sister and I were teleported to mars and Gabriel idly wondered if the Daedric Princes could be trapped in a big enough soul gem

so I woke up with thoughts of one the size and shape of the Allspark from Michael Bay’s shitty Transformer film

I have had dreams about antitheticalstrings, although none recent enough to remember.

Other Tumblr people who’ve been in my dreams that I can recall at the moment are davey-u, memviv-art, theothin and moonjail. There are probably more that I’ll remember later.

all of my photos you’ve seen as far as I know I’ve been in cosplay

did I show up in your dream as arquius that’d be so fucking great

via EAGLR..
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Video 22 Aug
Video 22 Aug
Photo 22 Aug ok this is the best thing to come out of the leak dispute

ok this is the best thing to come out of the leak dispute

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Smash 4 needs to have a good stock of Radiant Dawn remixes.

Brawl sure didn’t disappoint in its selection of FE music, so I have high hopes here as well.

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Video 22 Aug
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